Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends To Look For In 2018

Publised on: 20 - 09 -2018

CSR is one such domains which continues to Innovate, Grow and Evolve!
Below are a number of trends to watch out for over the coming period:

  • Corporate political activism: sector continues to grow and evolve, there are a number of new tendencies emerging, often echoing the collective economic, political and social interests of the time. Below are a number of trends to watch out for over the coming period.
    A recent survey showed :
    1.44% of Millennials would feel more loyalty towards their CEO if he or she took a stand on a contentious issue versus 19% who said they would not.
    2. 47% of Millennials think CEOs should speak up and take active stances on social issues.
    3. 51% of Millennials surveyed said they are more likely to buy products from companies that have activist CEOs.
  • Workplace Giving Increases Employee Engagement: At the core, employee engagement is a holistic approach taking into account various elements of the employee’s relationship to the company including; achievement, well-being, connection, and appreciation. In order for the employee to feel positively connected to their employer, they must feel their employer is taking actions to engage them in each of these areas.
  • Generation Z is Joining the Workforce: We have heard everything there is to know about millennials. In fact, given all the research collected about this group, it is hard to believe that there is even life after them. Well, there is. Gen Z workers are making it a mandate that corporations put their money where their social good mouth is. We already love them.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders are Not Alone: For so long, CSR was a part of the organization that employees heard about, but didn’t really understand what it all meant. This is all changing. And fast. CSR is now becoming one of the most vital and well-known entities in the organization as purpose and profits continue to blur into one line-item. Marketing wants in too.
Understanding these trends and developing a solid CSR strategy up front will lead you to find the right partner and the right workplace giving technology for your employees.