CSR is the way to become the most responsible business

Publised on: 12 - 10 -2018
Publised by: Mr. Naveen Soni,Vice President,Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd.

CSR has been the integral part of Toyota from 2001 onwards. We have been implementing the activities under the 5 thematic areas like Education, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Road safety and Skill development. These thematic areas are aligned based on the need of the communities and national priorities.
In CSR – R stands for Responsibility, Corporates should be sensitive in terms of the commitment towards the society as we are responsible for sharing the resources and are committed to return it. We do realize that companies in India are giving major thrust in the CSR area after passing of the Companies Act, 2013. Toyota believes in playing a greater role than just manufacturing world class cars. Thus, in true sense, the effectiveness of such CSR should reflect to bring in a big difference in one’s life, nurturing the well-being.
Our principles followed in making the holistic social development-

  • [1] Stakeholder engagement: A very essential component is to ensure that the beneficiaries’ i.e., The Community, are the integral part of any success of the project. In Toyota, opinion matters a lot and thus project are focused on bringing the change in the mindset of the community interms of owning the assets created for them. It’s worked positive for us.
  • [2] Deeper Social Impact: All our programme follows the ‘Logic Framework Model’. Key Performance Indicators [KPI] have been the integral part of the planning process. At Toyota we call, ‘Process KPI’ i.e., Output and ‘Result KPI’ i.e., the outcome. We measure the progress of the activity interms of the social return of investment of the last mile beneficiaries. ‘Kaizen’ in Japan means, ’Continuous Improvement’. We ensure all our programme follows the Plan, Do, Check, Act method thereby assuring the programme is delivered the best in the community and meet the end needs.
  • [3] Holistic social solutions: At Toyota, the CSR programmes are encircling around the approach of Child to community. We believe Children are the best change agents and they can bring about the social movements in the community they belong. We have been witnessing such incredible changes brought by the children in our programmes like – Sanitation ABCD, Road safety. We also follow the integrated approach interms of bringing the change I n community and have set a vision of creating a model school-> model village-> model community by 2022.
  • [4] Creating the Social Value chain: We have been striving to bring changes across the social value chain through involvement of employees to create the impact in the society under the programme ‘ICARE’ ; Involvement of our business partners to spread the road safety culture in schools focusing on providing the experiential learning to school children ,under the programme ‘Team Toyota Activity’
  • [5] Thus, Making a Sustainable differences. We believe in the philosophy ‘Grow together’ and thus focus on the community around our manufacturing plant to ensure they are sustainable. Toyota believes in not just executing CSR, but to execute sustainable CSR with optimal resource and high impact approach [below image for reference]. This has been possible by following the Toyota Way in our non- business areas. ‘Exit Strategy’ is inbuilt while deigning the programmes. We have achieved the success in exiting the programme by ensuring the sustainability and ownership of the community. This has resulted in expanded the scope of the activity to more beneficiaries.