CSR is the way to become the most responsible business

Publised on: 27-02-2020

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CSR has been the integral part of Toyota from 2001 onwards. We have been implementing the activities under the 5 thematic areas like Education, Environment, Health & Hygiene, Road safety and Skill development. These thematic areas are aligned based on the need of the communities and national priorities.
In CSR – R stands for Responsibility, Corporates should be sensitive in terms of the commitment towards the society as we are responsible for sharing the resources and are committed to return it. We do realize that companies in India are giving major thrust in the CSR area after passing of the Companies Act, 2013. Toyota believes in playing a greater role than just manufacturing world class cars. Thus, in true sense, the effectiveness of such CSR should reflect to bring in a big difference in one’s life, nurturing the well-being.

Our principles followed in making the holistic social development-