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Let’s start with a social cause:
NGO of the Year – The organization will be rewarded by 10% of revenue generated by the Summit.
Process to select the best NGO - Corporates will vote based on the criteria and case studies submitted by the NGO's after proper evaluation.
The idea behind this is to bring transparency and collaboration between Corporates and NGO’s.


CSR has been a Buzz word, as India is the first country to introduce statutory provisions with respect to CSR under Companies act 2013. Since then CSR activity is on the agenda of many CEOs. It is also being considered seriously by the Governments (National and local), as well as NGOs, consumer groups, investors and other actors in civil society.

CSR is one such niche area of corporates & governance that needs to get aggressively addressed & implemented considerately in the organizations. At the same time, CSR can be termed as effective marketing tool that synergizes the efforts of corporate & the social sector agencies towards sustainable growth & development of the societal objectives at large.

Lets hear from the Leaders about the potential business benefits of CSR and its impact on Corporates and Society at large to achieve their sustainable goals!!

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Testimonial Highlights of CSR Summit and Awards 2018(Mumbai)